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PHXLIGHTS Headliner Spotlight: Seven Lions

Posted January 22, 2024

Seven Lions stands as a powerhouse in the realm of melodic bass, reigning as the genre’s king for an extended period. Continuously leaving an indelible mark on the music scene, Seven Lions excels in evoking deep emotions with touching lyrics and powerful drops that elevate the listener’s experience. While the themes of his songs vary widely, I’m excited to highlight five of his most impactful tracks, each carrying profound meaning. I hope you enjoy the musical journey!

“First Time” by Seven Lions, SlanderDabinDylan Matthew

First on the list is a legendary collaboration featuring Seven Lions, Slander, Dabin, and Dylan Matthew. The lyrics delve into the theme of love, capturing the essence of falling in love anew. The song expresses the freshness life attains with a loved one and emphasizes that “you are worth it.” The melodic bass drop is noteworthy, but the emotional climax occurs in the second buildup, unveiling a beautiful predrop sequence with powerful chords leading into an even more impactful drop.

“Someday” by Seven Lions

The second entry is a track from his latest album, Beyond the Veil. This song encourages living in the moment, urging listeners to truly feel and absorb emotions as they happen, as those moments are fleeting. The melodic drop features a smooth chord progression with exceptional accents.

“Freesol” by Seven Lions

Next is a song that holds profound personal meaning. This track served as my guiding light during my darkest times. It begins by describing an unexpected moment that instills confidence and love. The song narrates the journey of becoming a free soul, offering hope and celebration. The drop echoes motivating lyrics throughout, promising to stir the heart.

“Reasons for Fighting” by Seven Lions, BlastoyzErv Ello

Another personally significant song, the collaboration between Seven Lions and Blastoyz strikes a chord. Erv Ello’s vocals convey a sense of purpose and a reason to fight. The diverse drops include a psytrance-infused dance floor mover and a powerful second drop with an elongated chord, emphasizing the song’s meaning. The final drop, another psytrance gem, completes this exceptional track.

“Foolish of Me” by Seven Lions, Jason RossCrystal SkiesJonathan Mendelsohn

Closing the list is one of my all-time favorite Seven Lions songs. It explores post-breakup emotions, providing clarity that the relationship wasn’t meant to be. The lyrics speak truth about letting go and admitting the folly of persisting despite the inevitable. The drop is beautiful, incorporating heavy dubstep elements for added dimension.

Seven Lions is an enduring force in the music scene. The potency of his songs, coupled with his exceptional drops, knows no bounds. Fortunately, Seven Lions is headlining Day One of PHXLIGHTS: Supernova this March 29th – secure your tickets here! And don’t forget to bring tissues; you might need them for this emotional journey.

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