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Enter The Unparalleled World of Dr. Oliver Tree

Posted February 13, 2024

PHXLIGHTS: Supernova is gearing up for an insane performance by Dr. Oliver Tree, the enigmatic alter ego of the multi-faceted artist Oliver Tree. Known for his genre-defying creations, Dr. Oliver Tree is bringing an innovative DJ set to the festival, transforming expectations of what a live EDM show can be. This will be one of the first showcases of his talents as a DJ and we are all on edge knowing just how awesome his adaptation will be. 

Combining reimagined Oliver Tree originals with rave classics, all set against a backdrop of incredible visuals unique to Oliver Tree’s visionary style – this set will show off Oliver Tree’s creativity and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of what an artist can be in the modern era. His new DJ project is an immersive audio-visual journey that promises to take the audience on an unforgettable ride. 



♬ original sound – Oliver Tree

In an interview with Mia Anderson of Boston University, Oliver Tree shared insights into his creative process, emphasizing the diversity and scope of his performances. He encourages aspiring artists to embrace their unique voice and not fear failure, as it is an integral part of artistic growth and success. His advice resonates with the essence of PHXLIGHTS: Supernova, a festival celebrating artistic innovation.

With Phoenix lucky to be one of the first cities hosting Dr. Oliver Tree, his distinctive fusion of music, visual art, and performance, marks him as an artist who defies conventional categories. Secure your tickets now HERE and experience the artistry of Dr. Oliver Tree in action.

Connect with Oliver Tree: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | SoundCloud

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